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Regardless of which major brand your appliance is if you’ve got a fault or malfunction, we’ve got a solution. If it’s an oven, fridge, dishwasher, freezer, dryer or washer, we can fix it. If you’re from in or around Middletown, we’re ready to get your malfunction fixed.


GE is one of the appliance manufacturing giants that have been in operation for longer than a century. They design their appliances with innovation and simplicity, with a perfect twist. They provide practical features for your home to make your life easier. Their appliance lines include fridges, washers, freezers, ice makers, dishwashers, ovens and more.

They have three different lines of appliances, CAFÉ appliances, GO profile series, and MONOGRAM, each with their own aesthetic, or as GE likes to call it, ‘personalities’.


Samsung is already a household name, but they don’t just create electronics, but also appliances. With experience creating fantastic electronics, they are able to simultaneously create cutting-edge appliances for your home. Some of them possess great features like being able to link devices together and control them from your phone.

Samsung appliances are designed with aesthetics in mind, creating beautiful appliances for your home. But also they create appliances for family homes like fridges and washers that can store more. Being the top appliance brand in the country is no easy feat, but Samsung stands strong.

You’ll know LG mostly by the electronics they create, but they also manufacture some of the world’s best appliances that hold innovation of the highest order and are extremely reliable. Where LG really excel however is their laundry devices, like the washers and dryers. While also creating some excellent appliances for your kitchen, often ranked highly as some of the most reliable.


The British brand, Bosch, create and manufacture some of the best kitchen appliances around. Mostly excelling in dishwashers, Bosch doesn’t stop there but also provides quality, durable and long-lasting other appliances.

One thing that makes Bosch different from other appliance giants is their customer service. Given that the company has been in operation for 150 years and more, it’s clear that Bosch delivers quality and always beats the competition.


Producing reliable appliances that equally perform against customer support, Maytag are one of the best appliance brands in the country. But they don’t just claim that. Each and every one of their appliances come proudly with a 10-year warranty.

These appliances are built to last for a long time and are dependable, well built and created for your home.


Kenmore produces some of the very best fridges on the market, more times than not rated in the top tier by magazines (for consumers). Their fridges are created to look fitting in your home and provide smart and innovative features to make your life easier.

However, it doesn’t stop only at fridges but they also manufacture a wide variety of appliances. If you can think of it, chances are, Kenmore makes it.


The key is in the name when it comes to Frigidaire. They manufacture exceptional fridges. While the design of the appliance remains simple, and the features are able to get the job done, their appliances are offered at a fair price to appeal to those on a budget. For that reason, you’ll find these appliances around Middletown and in most homes around town, they are often ranked at the top of all appliance brands.


Viking is a child company of Middleby, who is the single largest kitchen appliance retailer for commercial kitchens. The majority of commercial kitchens all over the world have at least one Middleby appliance. This is important because with Viking appliances you’ll be getting the same cutting-edge appliance technology that is used in restaurant kitchens. They manufacture their appliances to last for a long time and be reliable.

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