Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are a time saver and a lifesaver at times. We no longer have to wash our dishware by hand, and instead, we are able to sit back and relax while this nifty appliance does it for us. But when this appliance breaks down, it can be frustrating and definitely inconvenient. But before you return to washing dishes by hand, there could be an option.

By hiring a professional appliance repair company you can save yourself time, while extending the life of your appliance and having it back up and running quickly. Ensuring your dishwasher is running as good as new.

A trained and certified engineer should be able to troubleshoot and identify the fault, offering viable solutions that are quick and painless. It’s also best practice for them to offer maintenance on a routine for your dishwasher, to extend your appliance’s life further.

The telltale signs your dishwasher needs repair

If you begin to see any of the following signs, your dishwasher could need professional repair services.

Cloudy glassware. This is a common issue we see affecting many appliances if your dishwasher produces cloudy glassware it could be down to user error. It’s always best to make sure dishware is rinsed before loading and ensuring the water is soft enough. A professional can help resolve this issue with ease.

Often the issue of dishes not being clean at the end of a cycle and appear. This can be down to again, user error with rinsing the dishware, but can also be down to the heating element, pump assembly and wash impeller, all of which can be worn out. If it’s not any of these, it could also be the armholes for spray being clogged. Professionals should always be able to sort this issue the first time.

If, before the dishwasher turns off just after you hear a humming sound coming from the appliance it could be that the motor is jammed or faulty, this usually needs replacement.

The wash cycle takes too long. If your dishwasher’s cycle seems to be taking longer than it should, it could mean that there’s an issue with the thermostat or the timer, both of which over time can become defective.

The water won’t fill the appliance. If water is failing to fill your dishwasher the chances are it could be down to the drain, valve, water inlet, timer or float. As you can see, there are a few reasons for this issue and it’s best left to a pro.

Water doesn’t empty. If the water doesn’t empty or pump out at the end of a cycle, it could be that the drain is blocked, the solenoid is worn or the impeller has become faulty.


We do not recommend any kind of DIY repairs for any appliance, especially those that are connected to water and power at the same time. Tests can be done, however, to determine if the dishwasher is still able to be used.

If you have the relevant knowledge and experience in appliance repairs, ensure that you disconnect the water and power before beginning work. Shutting off the water supply should be easy enough, along with removing the fuse from the breaker to ensure that it’s safe to work on.


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You’ll always be kept in the loop during the repairs and given a flat quote so that you don’t have to worry about hidden costs and charges. You’re the cornerstone of our company, and we want to deliver on our guarantee promise.

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