Freezer Repair

When your freezer breaks down, not only do you put hundreds of dollars worth of food at risk, but you also cause yourself a bunch of frustration. If you’re attempting DIY repairs with your freezer, you need to know how it works. We’ve listed a few common signs that your freezer needs repairs below.

Common Signs of a Broken Freezer

Frost Build-up. Frost can cause more issues than you may think. Generally, when there’s a build-up of frost it’s due to the door gaskets being loose, the defrost timer not working or the thermostat being faulty. It’s best to call a professional in this case as it could require replacement parts.

Strange noises. Usually you’ll notice strange noises occur when motors become jammed or faulty, alternatively, the fan blade could be broken. Both of which can cause weird noises from your machine.

My Freezer won’t turn on. When your freezer won’t turn on at all, you’ll need to check the start relay, thermostat or the start capacitor, all of which could have issues in this instance. Without knowing how to replace parts and test them, you won’t be able to sort this without professional help.

Freezer is running for too long. Believe it or not, it can happen. But you’ll need to know how to repair the freezer to fix this. You can start by testing the thermostat, temperature control, and timer.

Freezer is too cold. Your freezer’s temperature should be below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure that your user controls are set to this and that the temperature control and thermostat are working as they should.

Freezer is too warm. If your freezer isn’t cooling your food correctly, you’ll need to know how to repair and test the user control, thermostat and defrost timer.

Freezer Repair Issues

Freezer Flooding and Pooling

The worst kind of appliance fault can often be the ones that involve water and leaks. Each freezer is most likely rigged up to a water supply line which can if damaged, cause flooding or leakage.

In the event of a leak, it’s important to first inspect the supply line. If your fridge/freezer has a built-in ice machine or water dispenser, check for leakages. If the leak appears to be coming from the water inlet, ensure the nuts are tight enough.

If your freezer has the copper of plastic pipes, a replacement will be recommended in the event of a leak.

It’s also worth checking if the fridge is level on the ground so that any excess water can drain into the pan under the freezer, usually where the water evaporates. If it isn’t level, this pan can spill water.

If the freezer has frozen water in the pipes or blocking the vents, a hairdryer on the lowest setting can be used to melt some build-up frost. Ensure that the water is cleared away with a sponge afterward. To clear the drain hole, air can be blown into it.


Appliances of all types can often come down with malfunctions. Freezers are among some of the easiest to diagnose. However, it still requires some understanding of how the appliance works to diagnose the issue correctly.

Don’t worry! If you’re from in or around Middletown, Scott’s Appliance Repair is on hand to help fix any freezer issues, from any model or brand. We’ll be able to provide an explanation of the issue and stop it happening again.