Ice Maker Repair

An ice maker is a lifesaver and a time saver during the hot summer days when the only thing we want is a cold drink with ice floating around in it. If your ice maker starts to have issues, Scott’s Appliance Repair is ready to assist.

If you’re from in or around Middletown, whether your model of ice maker is a built-in one or a free-standing one, we can fix it. Our team of professionals is trained and certified to handle even the toughest of situations. While we service and repair all major brands, we also offer repairs for antique, older models. You won’t be disappointed.

Why did it break down?

There’s a whole host of reasons an ice maker can break down, with one of the shortest lifespans of any appliance, it can be tough to distinguish where the issue is coming from.

Within an ice maker, the temperature should be no higher than 5 degrees and no lower than 0. If higher, your ice maker could malfunction. Below we’ll list a few common problems below in a second.

You might be contemplating the reasons for calling us today, and you might be thinking DIY repairs are a good option and always cheaper. But that’s not always the case. Trial and error can turn bad quickly, especially when tinkering with electrical appliances.

Instead, it’s actually more cost-effective, convenient and safer to hire a professional repairs company. Professionals are trained to work within the legal guidelines to ensure that you and your home are safe during repairs, not to mention they are insured and certified to make repairs to all major appliances.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Ice Maker isn’t working

If your ice maker isn’t working altogether, it could be anything. But most often it’s because the control arm is in the pause position, which stops ice production. This can be manually moved to resume ice production, check your manual for the correct positions.

Often also if the water supply is blocked or the filter is clogged, the ice maker won’t be able to produce ice, it will stop the machine from working altogether. Debris can also get into the water inlet valve and cause blockages.

If it’s not anything being blocked, check your door switch, often if the door switch isn’t activated the ice maker won’t make ice.

A deep clean of your appliance and replacing faulty parts can fix this.


Leaks are the worst kind of fault in most cases, they can cause damage to other appliances, walls and even the floors of your home. Leaks often come from a damaged water supply line, often which requires replacement.

Another cause of leaks can be if the appliance isn’t level on the ground if you’ve recently moved the appliance, ensure that it’s level. If it’s still leaking, call us. Don’t wait around for leaks to get worse. We’ll get it sorted quickly.

The ice won’t eject and looks strange

If the ice is dispensed from your appliance appears to be a strange color or tastes strange your supply line, water filter or inlet valve may require replacement. In rare cases, there could also be something inside of the dispenser.

There’s a lot of reasons your ice maker could not be ejecting ice correctly. These issues could be down to the ice mold, motor, internal circuits or the thermostat.

Should I consider a replacement?

Even if maintained and cares for, an ice machine can last only around five years total. If it’s older than this, a replacement is often cheaper than repairs. We’ll be able to help with this too, and install the new appliance!

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